Have been in the Hotel Industry for 10 years, I decided to try network marketing in March 2011. After joining a reputable company and trying traditional ways of marketing for 9 months I decided to stop chasing friends and family and to find something that worked.

I came across a method called attraction marketing and realised that building my networking business using these strategies would be the smarter way to do things. This was something that worked great online for a few moths, however my results started to change and went still slower than I wanted them to be. I still felt like I was missing something so I began to search for the solution.

What i have learned from buying tons of ebooks and lots video courses:

How to brand yourselve through blogging
How to use social networks to make yourselve and your company seen
How to get 50 leads a day and 2 or 6 signups a week in your primary business
Why mindset coaching is important to get team duplication and the list goes on..

After struggling for years I found out that if you want to get somewhere where you have never being before then you need somebody who’s already there to show you the way.

You need a mentor. I searched around and by chance she actually found me, who was the perfect fit for me. She started with my mindset and gave me steps to follow. To illliminate the mental blocks that I had to get my breakthroughs in my business. I also became part of an community where fellow entrepreneurs mastermind together and help you become a better marketer.
Since that my business partners became family and online marketing became fun again and that’s how it supposed to be

The key to success in this amazing industry is finding a mentor. That is why I give all my serious team members individual personal Skype coaching calls and ongoing guidance. They call me the traffic genius, because I make an industry that has become so full of confusion, simple enough for a 15 year old to succeed in.



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