5 Steps to Achieving Your Vision

What do you envision for yourself? We each have the ability to
manifest our visions; it is a matter of intention, focus, desire,
receptivity and manifestation. Each of these 5 steps requires you
to be open and receptive to the outcome.

Let’s begin with intention. What outcome are you looking for?
That outcome is your intention. If you would like a peaceful
nation, or even global peace, then that is your intention. This
process holds true no matter what level you are working from.
This is just as beneficial on a personal scale with a personal
outcome, be it a relationship or career change, etc. Begin by
holding that intention, that thought, in your mind’s eye daily in
meditation or even while grocery shopping or driving the car. It
can be something you think about often throughout the day. This
is the power that you are giving to fuel your intention. The
power of your thought is the fuel.

Conscious awareness is the focus. This is the time you give every
day to your intention. I always find that it works well to use
post-it notes with my intention stated on them. I suggest this
often to clients. By using post-it notes in several key points in
your home, car, office, workplace, etc., the reminder is always
there to draw your focus back to your intention. You will find
that all these steps work together to achieve your goal.

Each time you focus on your intention, add the feeling of your
original desire. This may sound confusing, but it simply means
feeling the outcome as if it has already happened. This desire
encompasses all your feelings including the excitement for having
achieved the outcome. For example, focus on having the new career
you desire and feel within every fiber of your being what it
feels like to go to work everyday. How do you feel when you wake
up in the morning? What is on your mind? What is on your to-do
list? How do you feel when you at the new job? It is about
feeling as though you are already living in the desired outcome.


Being willing to receive your vision is the next stage, for
without this, the desired outcome can remain elusive. It’s as
though an invisible barrier is erected when our subconscious is
unwilling to receive. This can be the simple source of fear,
unworthiness, or a belief that it’s impossible. Many of us can be
held back with that term “impossible.” It reminds me of one song
in Rogers & Hammerstein’s classic tale of Cinderella that says,
“It’s possible. Impossible things are happening everyday.” Why do
we always leap to the conclusion that something we desire is out
of our reach and impossible before we even give it a chance? Does
global peace need to remain “impossible” or “unfathomable?” Or
can we dare to dream that big? We have the power and ability to
change our reality every minute of every day. We make choices
thousands of times a day, from what color socks to wear or what
to have for dinner, to, do I meet with friends after work?

Remember, you have the ability to choose your vision. Acting upon
your vision, also means taking the actions necessary to manifest
the outcome. This doesn’t mean sitting back on your heels once
you set the intention. It means following through, making the
post-it notes, creating your focus, making decisions like
choosing to look in the want ads for a new job, or make the phone
calls to the people involved. No matter what the actions are,
take the steps. The manifestation comes about by your actions
and the amount of energy you create with your intention and
focus. Using these 5 steps: intention, focus, desire,
receptivity and manifestation, you can create your vision. What
vision do you wish to achieve first?



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