Another Realm By Jean Claude Van Damme

Some where, out there, awaits another bliss for you! To arrive at this bliss, doesn’t it make sense to follow a trail of bliss? To find a pot of gold which would you follow; a trail of gold, or a trail of raisins?


As in nature, Life wants you to fulfill your desires for the benefit of All. The acorn is given a natural impetus to become an oak tree. It does so effortlessly. What if it were possible for an acorn to choose what it wanted to be? What if that tiny acorn fought to at least become a blade of grass, never realizing the awesome potential within it’s very being? What if this little nut used all it’s energy to struggle against Mama Nature? Would it not whither?

The Universe provides EVERYTHING plants need. Water, sun and soil are bestowed in nearly overwhelming abundance. Nature’s only desire for the algae, dandelion or star fruit tree is that they simply exist. The expression of that plant’s very being allows it to give back to Nature in the continuous cycle of sustaining Life.

The purpose of vegetation is clear. It does not till or toil with struggle or strife. Fearing “shoulds” and “should nots” is not the lot of a Forget-me-not! Some would argue that a plant has no choice, but we humans do. Might I say that when you begin to realize your purpose, you may feel that you have no choice, either. If any one of us would merely shift our perception and wake up to this very moment, the world before us would part it’s thorny bushes and the kingdom would be revealed! The imaginary fog would lift. The true essence of being would uncover that which has always been there – an avalanche of profound prosperity beyond your wildest dreams!

Someone might say, “Well, I hate my job! What if my happiness is staying at home eating ice cream every day?” My answer is that eventually this form of happiness may shift. Perhaps you would begin to feel lazy, unhealthy or even bored. When these unpleasant feelings arise, a new joy may seem more attractive. Taking a walk, learning to play piano or visiting an old friend may come to mind. People tend to seek pleasure and avoid pain. When one choice appears to offer a greater reward, that path is chosen. After eating your eleventh gallon of double-chocolate-brownie ice cream in three weeks, riding a bike in the fresh air may seem more appealing.

I’ve heard Buddhists comment that you can only be sure of two things in life:

1. Change is constant.

2. Life is relative based on your perception of it.

Now, if we apply these two basic principles to your desires, we arrive at the following Truth:


This means that Life is always forming itself around the judgments you have about your desires. “Do I deserve this or not?” Whether you want something or don’t want something, Life forms itself to match your perception. Quite simply, if you feel that you deserve something, it is possible for you to have it. As long as you feel UNDESERVING, it will not be yours.

Desire is the compass! It is eternally linked to your success and leads the way. Each desire carries within itself the seed for its own fulfillment, just as the acorn carries within itself the fulfillment of an oak tree.

Desires, drive, ambition, wants, needs, goals, dreams, wishes, hope, whatever you want to call them, these pulls are different shades and varieties of one specific force.











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