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There are various factors that determine success. Some people think that you have to be at the right place at the right time to be successful. Others say that you are either pre-destined for success or not. Have you ever heard someone say: “You know, some people just have all the luck in the world.” These statements are all very far from the truth. In my opinion the following factors determine success:


The first and most important of all factors that determine success is Mind Set. If you have the right mind set when going into any situation, your chances of walking away successful are almost guaranteed. The ways and rules of society is a very big contributing factor to most people having the misconception that success is only destined for the elite. You and you alone are responsible for getting yourself in the right mindset to reach your goals. If you truly believe that you deserve your success, and truly feel that you are worthy of the success that you are after, you will find a way to reach the success. The more you believe, the more you will have a burning desire to succeed. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t believe that you deserve your success, you won’t be successful.

Setting Specific Goals

The second factor I want to talk about is Setting Goals for yourself. The right mindset on its own isn’t going to get you there, it can only motivate you to take action and find a way of being as successful as you believe you should be. Setting goals for yourself will give you a direction to work towards. Quantify your goals and be specific in your goals. Goals and mind set go hand in hand and the more you visualize your goal, the more you will start to believe that you will get there and not wonder if you might get there.

Taking Action

Taking action is something that should come naturally if you have gotten your mind set in the right place and you have visualized your goals to such an extent that you can already taste that success. You will start to look for a means of reaching this goal you set for yourself and do something about it. That opportunity will come along at some point, and because of the way you think now, you will recognize the opportunity immediately and act on it, which already sets you apart from the average person on the street. So to summarize, the first step of taking action is obtaining your vehicle that you will use to reach your destination which is your goal in life.

Hard Work

There is a saying: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Believe me, there is no such thing. If you are not willing to work hard, be consistent with your efforts and persevere, you will never be successful. That is why mind set was my first point, because without the right mind set you will never have what it takes to push you to see anything through.

Personal Growth

Become a leader in the field that you are in. If you have all the tools in the world and you don’t know how to use them, these tools are completely useless to you. Grow your mind set, do some research on your field, take courses. This will empower you with knowledge that will make you a true leader in your field. This will attract others that want to learn from you, and you will be seen as a leader. If you grow yourself, your success will happen without you even thinking about it and your goals will become attainable. Keeping all these factors in mind, it is very clear that success is meant for whoever is willing to make the necessary changes. I like to think of success as a decision rather than something you reach. If you decide that you will be successful and nothing in the world is going to stop you from getting there, nothing will stop you. I’m not saying that it is easy, but who wants a free lunch anyway if you can earn it and no deep inside that you deserve it more than anyone.








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