Killing procrastination forever

Procrastination not only lets you put off things for the next time, like putting off for tomorrow, but can also kill your goals and dreams, rendering them inactive. You might be one of those people with a tremendous idea that you would like to see happen, you may have even wrote it down hoping to attend to it at an appointed time, but you keep putting it off.

You are given a deadline to present your project, you left the premises with so much zeal, focusing on doing your project early enough, but then, instead of attending to it, you get caught up attending to something else. You say that you will do it later, but later becomes too late for you to do it, so you put it off for another day.

Is that the way you really want to operate? I thought not. I believe that you want to get a handle on things, you want to see things moving in the right direction, you really want to know and see yourself accomplishing your goals and dreams.

So How Do You Start?

Ok, you have written out your goals and your dreams. you have the desire to see it through, which is needed if you must accomplish anything. It is good to have someone you trust to be accountable to, someone who would not mix words, but tell you like it is. Share your goals and dreams with that someone, and tell them that they must be honest with you no matter what.

Have a deadline of when you hope to accomplish your goals, short term, long term, etc…

Work towards that deadline.

Start doing something now, if you wait, you  would lose it, and you don’t want to go back into procrastination.

Do something relating to your goals everyday, keep it as the apple of your eye, stay focus.

Monitor your progress, you choose the intervals with which you would do this.

Keep an open mind. if you are not meeting your deadlines, don’t let that discourage you from going forward, adjust your deadlines to create room for you to work.

Get information that might help you to accomplish your goals and dreams, and apply that which seem appropriate.

You want to bury procrastination, it must not be part of the things that worries you on a daily basis, inaction invites procrastination, so do something now.

The other thing you want to do is to watch out for distractions.

There are so many things to distract you from accomplishing your goals.

Television: No one is saying that you cannot spend a little time watching a favorite TV show, but too much time spent doing this can affect your mindset, and make you too relax and complacent.

Checking Emails: You should choose a particular time in which to check your emails, if every time you go to do your project and you are distracted by emails, this too can hinder your progress. You can see here that time management is needed, self discipline is vital in achieving any worthwhile goals.

Low Self-esteem: How you think about yourself plays an important role in you accomplishing your goals and dreams. You must bring yourself to think that you can do it. How different are you from other who have been successful in life? What do they have that you don’t? If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. I am sure you have heard the saying, ” As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. Many successful people have used this phrase to motivate them into success; you can too. You must believe in yourself. In you are all the ability to be a winner, and you are a winner if you can discipline yourself, and follow-through with your goals and dreams.

Too Much Sleep: sleeping is good, and rest is good, but too much sleep will bring you into poverty. There is a saying that, “The early bird finds the worm”. You want to discipline yourself in such a way, that your time is managed good enough for you to go to sleep early enough, and to get up early enough. It’s such a blessing to know that you have done all you set out to do that day, and can rest from your labor. It like medicine to the mind.

signatureOf course, there are many other step to get you from where you are to where you are supposed to be, but this is my contribution for helping you in accomplishing your goals and dreams.




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