Prove them wrong

Hope you are all well! Today we are going to talk about those naysayers, those non-believers, those that say you can’t. I usually don’t give any time or attention to these folks BUT I saw this pic and I thought, why not give them the attention for a little bit?

We all have goals, dreams and aspirations that are sometimes scary and might seem a little bit impossible to everyone, but you. If this describes your dreams, you are on the right track because chances are that if they weren’t a little scary or far-fetched, they wouldn’t be worth it! My advice to you, keep going, keep trying and when you fail (which we all will), dust yourself off and guess what??? Try again!

The reality is that if it was easy, everyone would do it and if everyone is doing it, then it’s not special anymore.

What is IT, exactly???

IT can be anything. A dream to own your own home, your own business, to lose weight, to go to college, etc. IT can be defined by anything that is important to YOU. Not what others think should be important to you but what you think should be important to you. They way you decide what IT is, is to sit down and think. Think about you at your utmost happiest and healthiest. What are you doing? Who is with you? Where are you? Once you figure this out you are one step closer to make your dream goal a reality.

Have a plan and stick with it!

You wouldn’t build a house without some kind of plans would you? Same rule applies to your goal. Think about how you are going to go about it. What do you need to get there? Then make a plan and set deadlines throughout so that you make yourself accountable along the way. Also, TELL people what your goals are, even of some of those people are not supportive. Now you have put yourself out there. It’s not really about telling them, it’s about the fact that now you are accountable, now you have to stick with it. Otherwise you just proved those nay-sayers right.

It is so much more fun to prove them WRONG! Stick with your goals, push your way through. It will take time and it will challenge you but you will come out of it a much stronger person. You will know what your limits are but you will also know what your strengths are. Once you know what you want and you are willing to work for it, anything is possible!









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