The power of your mind

When we were created we were given the power of choice or free will. This power we were given is demonstrated by the fact that our thoughts build ideas. So it is from the power of your mind these ideas are fuelled. In turn these ideas stir emotions (either positive or negative-the subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish) which dictate what actions we will take which then of course gives us our results.

The quality of our results will be commensurate with the quality of our initial thoughts and ideas so “self speak” is a very powerful force within us so we must be conscious of what we are telling our subconscious mind at all times. Negative self talk is guaranteed to sabotage your happiness and results.

You can only attract to you that which is in harmony with you, such is the power of your mind.

Your thoughts control your paradigms and your level of vibration-which determines what you attract.

A good acronym to remember the whole process is T.E.A.R. which stand for Thoughts which create Emotions which then direct your Actions for which you then get your Results. So consequently it almost goes without saying that the power of your mind is the one thing you must use to improve any area of your life.

Ignore logic and listen to that “gut feeling”! You are not going to feel good all the time, no one does. Low feelings are what permits you to enjoy the high feelings. There can be no up without down, no open without closed etc.

Just remember that the size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Not tapping into the power of your mind will cause confusion which weakens your thoughts to the false assumption that there are powers outside of your mind that are greater than the power within you. A confused mind always says no.

For if we want change-change in our circumstances, we of course must realise that we are responsible for where we are through own actions, or inactions. We are creatures of habit and habit so often

keeps us in an unserving comfort zone often at the risk of living the much”larger”life that is well within our grasp.

Why is it that so many of us dare not dream big dreams or if we do they are really just idle wishes?

We, as humans consistently follow through on who we think we are. We have a need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves. In other words we are the source of our world-in this often hectic lifestyle we find ourselves immersed in we could do worse than to be constantly mindful of the fact that we don’t see things as they are, we see things as WE are!

So, if you consciously start to shift your identity everything else in your life will start to shift as well. If you identify yourself in a new way and you own that every day and that becomes the standard of how you live you’ll find the way to make that standard real. Wants don’t get met consistently, standards do. It is not so much as changing our identity as expanding it. Utilising the infinite power of your mind is the key to it all.

My advice would be to start thinking, really thinking, where it is you would like to be heading and take affirmative action to that end. Start now! Remember, many people only realise the true value of time after it has gone…








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