The psychology of the rich

There are laws of wealth that the rich follow to make and keep their money. If you want to be wealthy, you must obey these laws too. This article will look at 19 of them.

Part I of this article, made up of 19 laws, will look at the psychology of wealth; part II teaches you how to plan your wealth with 8 laws; part III will use 18 laws to get you to create your wealth; and in the conclusion, made up of 3 laws, you will learn how to keep and share your wealth.

Now, let’s go to the first part.


With the following first 19 of the 48 laws of wealth, you will develop the psychology to achieve the mind-set of a wealthy and successful person and attract great wealth into your life:

Law 1: Purpose: Know why you want to make money.

Do you want to make money so that you can help people, set up a foundation, grow a large business and offer jobs to many people, teach other people to make money too? Know your purpose and it will radiate like a magnet and attract the people to help you reach your goal.

Law 2: Faith: Trust in yourself or in a higher entity to make it against all odds.

You need-personally or with the help of a higher entity-to develop confidence in yourself to enable you confront with reassuring calm the ensuing difficulties and challenges, to work smart and stay focused and consequently ignore discouraging voices and circumstances.

Law 3: Passion and desire: Love what you do and wish the best for yourself.

When you are passionate about your work and cultivate an ardent desire to become wealthy, nothing can stop you. We get what we focus hard on. Know how much you spend, how much you save, how much you invest, etc. Read publications on money and finance and the rich.

Law 4: Belief: Trust that you can go higher and you will!

Do you believe that you can become a millionaire? If you don’t how on earth are you going to go to the trouble to become one? The secret therefore is to give yourself, your family and other people value and you will always be worth far more than anyone could ever pay you.

Law 5: Focus: You get what you think most about.

Whatever you think most consistently about, you could realize it. This is because nothing happens by accident; everything comes by design. The rich focus on wealth, money and business. So if you want to be wealthy, find a wealthy mentor to coach you in becoming rich.

Law 6: Decision: Learn to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ instead of procrastinating.

Wealthy people do not balk from making decisions. Faced with choices, they make bold decisions and when that turns out to be a mistake refine their strategy and move on. They know that decision allied with action bring results. To be wealthy be a firm decision maker.

Law 7: Diligence and Contingency: Plan and prepare your wealth and success.

You must plan and prepare to be wealthy and successful. Your due diligence, especially in the areas of career, finance and investment, will make you ready for any situation. Consult those very successful in your chosen field, and who have the skills and knowledge that you need.

Law 8: Persistence: Never ever give up.

Life has never been a straight road. Difficulties will crop up in your journey. So the best way to reach your financial goal is to be patient, focused and to keep on keeping on. Didn’t Michael Jordan say: ‘I have failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed‘?

Law 9: Discipline: Control yourself and your desires or urges for instant gratification.

To be successful, you must not spend more than you gain. Discipline also means knowing which offers to accept and which to decline. Ignore anything that seems too good to be true, such as those about how you can be a millionaire in no time, zero down and with no effort.

Law 10: Commitment: Make sacrifices to achieve your goals.

To be financially successful, you must give or give up something. The rich and the successful make sacrifices by starting their day earlier than the average Joe and finishing later too. They work harder, longer, smarter and more efficiently. Be committed to wealth-making strategies!

Law 11: Anyone can do it: That includes You! Because money does not discriminate.

Money does not choose who to go to neither is there a shortage of it. There is even enough money out there for everyone to be multimillionaires. The secret is to believe that you can make it and then begin to use effective strategies and the Laws of wealth towards that end.

Law 12: Take personal responsibility now! Stop blaming others and circumstances.

The wealthy and successful blame anything which goes wrong in their lives on their own diligence and management, not on circumstances or others. They don’t take praise for success; but attribute it to their team. So begin taking more responsibility to control your life.

Law 13: You, and not money, are the answer to everything.

No matter your religious beliefs, political leanings, geographical situation, etc. you still can be wealthy. You are always in total control of the turn of your life. So you can decide to practice the laws of wealth and be happily and fabulously rich or ignore them and stay sadly poor.

Law 14: Have everything now: you are already well-equipped to succeed financially.

With these laws as your tools and your guidance, you have all it takes to reach any financial height imaginable. Do you want wealth, social life, great family life, regular holidays in a year, and breakfast in bed? This lifestyle can be yours now. You only need to have faith.

Law 15: Trust your instincts and intuition: listen to and obey your inner voice.

All your life experiences are ‘stored’ in your subconscious. This gives you the innate ability to make shrewd judgements. If you get a bad feeling about something or somebody, back out of the deal. And when the feelings are good, do research to back them up to avoid surprises.

Law 16: Project wealth: always look one step better than your present self.

If you look wealthy people will see you as such, and that will attract wealth and wealthy people to you. Your appearance is your ‘packaging’ and since you wouldn’t buy a product with a bad packaging, no wealthy person will also work with you if you look like a bum.

Law 17: Think BIG: small fire produces small heat and big fire gives out intense heat.

Think small and you get less. Think BIG and you get MORE. How fast and what results you obtain on focusing on getting bigger things depend on you but you can work progressively higher. Imagine how much you can improve in a year if you made a 1% improvement daily?

Law 18: Grow and accept change: for the only constant in life is change.

Growth and the acceptance of change are crucial in your mind-set and in the achievement of wealth and success. This also applies to you. Your growth-not only through adopting new objects but also changing within-will determine your wealth and success.

Law 19: Don’t be a sheep: don’t follow a direction because everybody else is taking it.

Most people find it comfortable to go with the wind instead of dictating their future and worse, they even lack the courage and the discipline to do something about their lives. You can decide not to drift with the current. Therefore be strong and steadfast with your strategy.















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