It seems that everyone online is currently talking about The Rich Jerk, and his comeback launch he’s currently doing right now in 2015. I’m already in great programs, teaching me how to make money online, but once I saw The Rich Jerk website sales page, I was really impressed. He’s different. He’s doing things, differently. I’m not too sure if this has to do with his amazing marketing tactics, or just that its so appealing right out of the box. I’m basically going to give you my own insights, through my own research, on what the product is about and i’ll give you some inside knowledge of what you will get if you grab The Rich Jerk. So Who the hell is The Rich Jerk?


Who is The Rich Jerk?

The Rich Jerk became famous online, around 2006 when he came out with his first Marketing product, called “The Rich Jerk”. Many newbies in this industry, actually made their first money online through the rich jerk affiliate program. I’ve seen a lot of familiar faces who I personally bought their products and programs, so I’m sure they made it just fine after following The Rich Jerk training.


What you Get inside The Rich Jerk Course

This isn’t some automated  push a button type program.  This is for you to learn Affiliate Marketing from scratch.   You are probably going to love what he has instore for you, but let me take you through what’s really inside once you purchase The Rich Jerk.


After following the not so , kind welcome page, (don’t take it personally) he’s really in your face about things, but that’s his thing.  It really works, got me clicking on everything, and really enjoyed his one of a kind unique sexy, dirty, fouled mouth sales page.   You actually get two sales pages.  One PG version and one Rated-R . Never seen something like this…



What you get inside the Rich Jerk Program

Training Course #1 : Ninja SEO Training


No Hacks, No loopholes, this is the real deal 100$ legit SEO training, to where if you are really new, with no experience whats so ever, you will be running profitable websites without any difficulty.   You will find 5 video modules that are accompanied by PDF tutorials.

  1. Intro and  Niche Research
  2. Choosing Profitable Affiliate Offers
  3. Simple Website Setup Process
  4. Content Silo Method
  5. Link Building

Training #2 : Facebook Marketing (advertising)


In this training module, you will learn how to facebook market, by actually following different case studies created for you to copy from The Rich Jerk himself.  Nothing is left out.   It is known that a total noob in this industry, actually made up to $28,000 in a month using these specific strategies.  In this training module you will get :

  1.  Intro and Core Concepts
  2. Extreme Facebook Ad Targetting
  3. Molding the Perfect Buyer
  4. Landing Pages that Create Rabid Buyers
  5. Finding The Most profitable offers
  6. Cloaking your Links
  7. Follow the entire process in a 2 hour video training over the shoulders.

Training #3: Launch Jacking



  1.  Super simple methods for instant sales
  2.  How to build super easy websites
  3. Case studies on how to make really crazy money online

Modules included in the training are :

  1.  Intro
  2. Leaderboards
  3. Getting the Right Domain
  4. Finding products to launch
  5. Picking the right Products
  6. Installing WordPress
  7. WordPress themes and plugins
  8. Outsourcing content
  9. Outsourcing backlinks
  10. Live link buying example
  11. Do it yourself Backlinks
  12. Re Targetting Campaigns
  13. Facebook Ads
  14. Optimizing Your Website for More Sales
  15. My Own Launch Jacking Sites

Extra Bonuses

A lot of marketers are guest appearing on the Rich Jerk’s Platform to share their own wisdom and marketing tactics.  These are the very well known Internet Marketing Superstars who know their stuff.  You will learn extra stuff such as,  how to work with Amazon, email marketing tactics and strategies, T-shirt Campaigns online and much more.

Upsells (not required)

Every marketer and every product usually comes with its own share of upsells.

1st Upsell:

Bi Weekly Group Coaching  at $197/mo

2nd Upsell:

Rich Jerk Software with One on One Skype Coaching Call at $997

Bonus :

All purchasers of Rich Jerk will get a box of cool stuff shipped to you.



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