The Power Of The Prospect’s Rejection

Successful people know they need to embrace rejection, rather than shy away from it. In the Internet Marketing mindset, you expect a lot of rejection and unfortunately you usually get it. You probably meet 100 people or make 100 calls. Then what, out of those you make only a few sales. You have to accept that rejection as a normal part of Internet Marketing Business. I would even say that marketers are paid to deal with rejection. Many prospects say “NO”. But they can say “YES”, so change your mind and their minds. Do not let rejections hurt you!


Changing your mind about rejection is the most important thing, you have to do if you want to succeed and get wealth. Oh, I can hear you “But, these people are telling me NO ! I do not like the way that feels!”. Believe me the rejection is only in your mind. This is not because they say NO today, that they do not love you or will stop to be your friend. This is just that TODAY they are not ready for the Internet Marketing Business! That is all, just that. So please do not take it as a personal attack because this is the main reason which that make thousands people per month will abandon their dreams! This is a pity. Really. Even if the rejection is real and not a feeling. You must only give one minute of bad feeling for the rejection, then be again optimistic..

What does fear of rejection cause you to do? You avoid the things you need to do to succeed. It will prevent you from getting out of your comfort zone and taking the necessary risk to offer your services with confidence. If you fear rejection, you are not going to take and do the rught actions to get new other prospects. You will forget to tell him the main points on your product or not give him the invitation you wanted he participate. If you fear rejection, self-protection becomes more important than the needs of the prospect, and that stops forward progress.

Here the key is to develop a realistic expectation about close ratios. If I believe that my solutions are for everyone, then I set myself up to feel really bad when someone does not want it. I mean the kind of bad that feels like an electric shock! Then I will avoid offering my services to the next prospect,
because my last experience was so painful. People who allow rejection to overpower them, stop them in their tracks. They allow that negative feeling to drive their consciousness. And this is the worst point, they will surely loose. This is the kind of people who then, will say that Internet Marketing is bad, nothing, something horrible and which with we cannot get a dollar.

Who is wrong ? This is not Internet Marketing Business which does not work, this is their fault. They allow negative feeling and fear to enter and take residence in their mind. The results can only be negative in that sort of thinking. The rejection gets awarded power only when you give it permission to enter your mind, control you. The rejection can devastate your life, because you will leave and loose all your money and do not achieve your dreams and goals.

So we need to change our mindset about rejection. You must not take rejection personally. Why? Because it is not! We tend to take rejection personally because we invest so much time and effort into our product or service, so it is understandable. When someone does not want to use your services, it is not about you. Most of the time the prospect’s reasons for saying “NO” have nothing to do with you:

– it’s not the right time,

– it’s not a great fit,

– they’re not ready yet

– or maybe they have trouble making decisions.

So you need to move on. Yes, keep in touch with them but MOVE ON.

Though rejection can feel devastating, someone saying “NO” to you will not kill you. The fear of rejection is much more dangerous than rejection itself, it can prevent you from taking risks that could lead you to true success. It is the number one reason people do not get more of what they want in life. They think they can escape the pain of failing if they do not even try. They also loose the opportunity to learn valuable lessons from their failures-lessons that can often propel them toward success. When you decide to take risks, you accept rejection as a possibility. What you do not have to accept is becoming discouraged and considering yourself a failure because of a rejection.

First, stop taking rejection personally. It has nothing to do with you. Don’t take rejection personally. “NO” is not a personal attack. Many people hear “NO” and immediately take it to heart. They believe the person who said “NO” will stop to love them.

Allow every “NO” to encourage you. Once you have changed your definition of rejection, every “NO” can give onward movement you toward a “YES” with increasing speed. Rejection will fire an ever increasing desire to provide your prospects with all the information they need to become sold on your idea or product. Every rejection will provide the necessary momentum for you to learn and perfect your selling technique. A good idea is to regroup and ask yourself what your prospect’s biggest reason for rejecting your product or idea is. Write all the answers and ideas which come and then plan to address those concerns the next time you speak. Write them also, it is better to write all your decisions, dates and delays, and see how it works and how you progress.

Your beliefs about rejection determine your degree of success. Do not let the fear of rejection kill your initiative. Rejection is not a personal attack. Instead of giving up, frame again the rejection in your mind as an opportunity to try again.

Another great point is : if you only prospect a few persons, the “NO” will hurt you. If you prospect every day, a lot of people, the “NO” will be less important because you will have also some “YES”. And this is only these “YES” which must catch your attention. If you prospect one people daily, if he answers “NO”, you are very disappointed. So prospect as many people as you can per day, the “NO” will have less impact and the “YES” inspire you to be more and more positive .

The wealthiest people realize that rejection is a temporary setback. They keep pushing forward. But rejection does not deserve to have that much power over you. Always works in your Internet Marketing Business like a business-like fashion, if you want to get back serious answer from your prospects.

The time you are saving by not prospecting and working with the wrong prospects because of fear of rejection, is spent with the family, traveling and enjoying their MLM lifestyle by the good marketers.

By reducing stress, you can get much more done. The first step to sales success is to overcome your fear of rejection.

Anytime you begin a transaction, rejection is a possibility. Remember that if someone says “NO,” they are not rejecting you as a person. They are simply rejecting your idea or your product. When you believe you are a worthwhile person with worthwhile ideas, you will not feel personally rejected. People can reject your idea, product or service for any number of reasons, but they cannot reject you permanently unless you let them. When someone brings up an objection, never try to overcome it.


Constant rejection is avoidable. You are surprised ! This is true. The real problem is that you may be using old sales approach that triggers rejection from your prospects.

When you stop talking to present your product or company, you often hear:

– “Sorry, I am busy,”

– “Sorry, I have no time”

– “Sorry, I am not interested.”

Stop immediately, tell them “OK, I understand, this is not a problem” and change the conversation, speak about everything else to keep them natural and to show them you do not need them. They will feel better and you too. Then six or more, months later, they will see by themselves that you changed your lifestyle, you feel better, happy and wealthy. At this time, it is them who will ask you about your Business. But if you tried to explain again or differently how they can earn and change their life because you are confident and you know that it is true, they can close their mind. And you will never get them later on, because they will feel “idiot”. Give them a door to go out and to enter again. So realistically, your company or product is not going to be a match for everyone. Then, when someone brings up any kind of objection, you want to “overcome,” “bypass,” or “override.” DO NOT DO IT! When you do that, you put the other person on the defensive. So i i’s much better to listen to their concerns and continue to explore whether what you are offering makes sense for them. There are some great phrases you can use that validate their viewpoint without closing the conversation.

You used to be able to ask someone three or four qualifying questions. They will determine who you should take through your information process. NOT ANYMORE. Do not make as the sellers who let fear drive their mind. For this kind of sellers, the fear of being rejected prevents them from ever approaching that prospect again. They have handed over the opportunity for a sale to their competitor instead of considering how to approach this prospect again and again and turn the “NO” into a “YES.”

There is another major point. Realistically, most people are not all that interested in you. Prospects are much more interested in themselves and what is important to them. So if you start the conversation by focusing on their world, they are more likely to interact with you. So instead, talk about an issue or problem they may need solving. Focus on them rather than on what you have to offer. And see where it takes you.

Listen carefully your prospect and her attitude. Remember, rejection exists only in your mind. Rejection does not mean “NO.” In business, rejection is man-made; it is only temporary. It simply means “MAYBE.” Therefore, view rejection as a stimulus to continue toward your goal. When a prospect says “NO,” he is not locking a door; he’s simply not opening it. Perhaps the prospect is really saying:





If you throw up your hands and walk away, you have told your prospect she is right; your product or service is not worthy of her business.

The first “NO” usually means that the prospect and salesperson both need more information. For example :

– The prospect did not have enough information to say “YES.”

– The seller did not ask the right questions and does not know what the prospect needs.

– The marketer did not give the specific information needed to connect the value of the idea or product to the prospect. The real objections were never discovered and addressed positively.

Being full of confidence and enthusiasm, relax into a real conversation instead of moving into a persuasive strategy and put yourself in their shoes, invite them to explore along with you whether what you have to offer is a match for them.

Not everybody will want what you are offering. But it is critical to know that for the right prospect, you have the right answer! Changing this mindset will make it so you are not trying to sell everything to everybody. Rather you are selling something to somebody. So if your expectations about closing are realistic, then you can take the “NO” in stride and move confidently to the next prospect.

You are inviting them to see if you might be able to help them solve a problem. This makes for a much better connection right at the beginning. The rejection reaction might not come or much less.

Heavy hitters tell us rejection never feels like rejection if it is from someone who truly can be successful in MLM. If the prospect is truly high quality, they will take a serious look at your opportunity.


Successful people face rejection over and over again. You have plenty of examples, do you believe that Henry Ford or Rockefeller receive everything without rejection ? Each rejection is really nothing, you may even not remembered them when you achieve your goals and get wealthy. The successful people love rejection. Think creatively when speaking to your customers or prospects. That is a good feeling.
Here is how to create wealth today, you are the one who controls your success in sales.

Remember you just need to change the way you think about it. And last, instead of allowing rejection to grind your efforts to a halt, turn it around and use rejection as a catalyst to gain momentum toward your goals. The result is an ability to handle challenging situations better.

To achieve success, you must recognize rejection as normal steps. Refuse to let rejection take you down. Instead, recognize it as an opportunity to gain something-a new customer or relation. Finally, ask yourself this question: “If I did not fear rejection, how successful would I be in Internet Marketing Business?” Take yourself through this reality check list and learn to make friends with rejection. Then go out and take action!

Make the difference, decide that if you want to make an impact on the world, then you need to be OK with being rejected. SELLING your product, services or company INVOLVE REJECTION – IT IS NOT OPTIONAL. So if you want success, you need to make friends with rejection. I will never say it enough times. And be sure there are always people somewhere out there ready to say “YES” to your offer.

To your success,












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